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March 16, 2002:   PI Helper Version 5.4  released. Details

March 22, 2001:   PI Helper Version 5.0 released. Details

  • Automatic multiple Backup of data tables:  Added security in case of power glitches or other problems.

  • New Case Numbering Options:  Manual, Automatic and LEF format.

  • Unlimited Invoices per Case:  Seamlessly add Timelog data for New Invoice generation.

  • Powerful Financial Reporting:   Easily select any Date range: By Month or Week ending and generate reports for any or all Investigators; or by Clients. Complete flexibility to include or exclude any Timelog data.

Details of Improvements that are of interest to Current Users of PI Helper.

June  2000:   PI Helper Version 3.8 released.  

  • Added Weekly / Monthly Reports.

  • Multiple Invoices per Case.

  • Need to Re-open a Case and record new Timelog  data?   This can be accomplished with the press of a single button.   

  • Go Here to read about the improvements to the Cases Form.

April 2, 2000:   PI Helper Version 3.4 released.  

January 2000:  Network version 3.0  released.

View the Network Setup page to view some of the parameter settings for user access.

December 1999:  New Features released.    

One exciting new feature is the Reminder Calendar.  Makes it easier to keep track of important dates.   

October 16, 1999:   PI Helper Version 3.0 released.  

March 10, 1999:   PI Helper Version 2.06 released

Among the new features:  Input of your own Case numbers. Added right-clicking features to help quickly get to the information you need.  The Main form has a new look.

January 10, 1999:   PI Helper Version 2.04 released.

Among the new features:   Easily Move working data between home and office systems.  A FileLinks feature added to the Cases form which allows as many documents (among them, FAXes, word processing documents, Video clips, sound files, ) as desired, to be connected to a Case file. 

September 14, 1998:   PI Helper Version 2.0 released.

June 18, 1998:   PI Helper Version 1.8 released.

March 12, 1998:   PI Helper Version 1.6 released.

November 10, 1997:   PI Helper Web Site operational.

October 11, 1997:   Demo Version 1.0:  

The first release of the demo version of the program was available in September at the FALI show in Orlando. That version of the program was the full version of the program with limited case and client input. Most report generation was not included.

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