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Private Investigator Software for managing cases, process server, process serving. subject clients case invoicing, case management, case analysis, high-performance performance A web based application of PI Helper. Experience Desktop performance. Developed using the latest in web technologies. Track subjects Invoice Tracking, Invoice management


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PI Helper 6.0  Demo is Online and Active 



(Please view in FireFox, Chrome, or IE9 and above.)

Minimum screen resolution for full screen viewing: 1280 x 1024.


New!  10-30-2013  Invoicing Feature now operational.

A web based application of PI Helper.

Experience Desktop performance.

Developed using the latest in web technologies.

Interact with 300 Cases of realistic data.



Version 5.8: New features

  • Email Invoices and Reports in one easy step!! Reports in HTML format will allow for easy emailing and viewing with Browsers. Reports ready for this release include: Invoice, TimeLog, and Case Notes.
  • View and print sample HTML Reports: Invoice TimeLog Case Notes
  • This version is a rework of the program using an upgrade of the programming language and database engine used to develop PI Helper.
  • All Forms can now be displayed in fixed size or adjusted to fit the available screen area. Go to the Preferences notepage of the Setup form to select this feature.
  • Case Summary Report - you can now hide the Client/ Retainer information on this report.
  • All Reports: Header fields expanded.
  • TimeLog form: The Programmable Description lists size for the Investigation and Expenses pages have been increased from 31 items to 100 items. Menu item "Program This list" added to the top of the menu too (already at the bottom).
  • Invoice Tracking form: On the Tracking notepage the View button now has All: Year 20xx as a menu selection.
  • Utilities form: The Database Repair scrubbing has added functions.
  • Edit: Cut/Copy/Paste is now functional on the edit fields of the Cases form and the Notes field of the Invoice form.

Past News

11-10-2004: There is an update patch for Ver5.8 only. Click HERE for the update. Select Open to install the update, or if you download it, Double-click to run the self-extracting exe.

To get the free offer, download and install the program. Email the Serial number from your program and we will return a free Authorization key. This is the FULL version, not a time limited offer. It will unlock the full version. The free offer applies to only downloaded versions. Go Here for more information on emailing your Serial Information

PI Helper V5.8 - - Less paper, less hassle -- Email Invoices and Reports in one easy step!!

View and print sample HTML Reports: Invoice TimeLog Case Notes

~~ New Users Download the full Version 5.8 ~~

~~ Current Single Version Users: V5.8 Upgrade ~~

The easiest and most powerful Program for Investigators !!


For information on using (interfacing) your existing program(s) with PI Helper send an email to support@pihelper.com Please include a list of all programs.

If downloading is not an option then send for a free Trial CD (U.S. only). Email us at support@pihelper.com with your company address.

Previous News Releases:


March 16, 2002:   PI Helper Version 5.4  released. Details

March 22, 2001:   PI Helper Version 5.0 released. Details

  • Automatic multiple Backup of data tables:  Added security in case of power glitches or other problems.
  • New Case Numbering Options:  Manual, Automatic and LEF format.
  • Unlimited Invoices per Case:  Seamlessly add Timelog data for New Invoice generation.
  • Powerful Financial Reporting:   Easily select any Date range: By Month or Week ending and generate reports for any or all Investigators; or by Clients. Complete flexibility to include or exclude any Timelog data.

Details of Improvements that are of interest to Current Users of PI Helper.

June  2000:   PI Helper Version 3.8 released.  

  • Added Weekly / Monthly Reports.
  • Multiple Invoices per Case.
  • Need to Re-open a Case and record new Timelog data?   This can be accomplished with the press of a single button.   
  • Go Here to read about the improvements to the Cases Form.

April 2, 2000:   PI Helper Version 3.4 released.  

January 2000:  Network version 3.0  released.

View the Network Setup page to view some of the parameter settings for user access.

December 1999:  New Features released.    

One exciting new feature is the Reminder Calendar.  Makes it easier to keep track of important dates   

October 16, 1999:   PI Helper Version 3.0 released.  

March 10, 1999:   PI Helper Version 2.06 released

Among the new features:  Input of your own Case numbers. Added right-clicking features to help quickly get to the information you need.  The Main form has a new look.

January 10, 1999:   PI Helper Version 2.04 released.

Among the new features:   Easily Move working data between home and office systems.  A FileLinks feature added to the Cases form which allows as many documents (among them, FAXes, word processing documents, Video clips, sound files, ) as desired, to be connected to a Case file. 

September 14, 1998:  PI Helper Version 2.0 released.

June 18, 1998:  PI Helper Version 1.8 released.

March 12, 1998:  PI Helper Version 1.6 released.

November 10, 1997:  PI Helper Web Site operational.

October 11, 1997:  Demo Version 1.0

The first release of the demo version of the program was available in September at the FALI show in Orlando. That version of the program was the full version of the program with limited case and client input. Most report generation was not included.

spin_glo.gif (7996 bytes)      Contact Information

Electronic mail:

Frequently Asked Questions

1) I am ready to buy PI Helper, what do I do? 

2) How do I enter the Authentication Keys? 

3) How Do I configure Windows XP to run PI Helper? 

4) When I go to print a report under Windows 2000 the buttons are not visible.  What do I do? 

5) How Do I Install the Windows 2000 Support Tools? 


I am ready to buy PI Helper, what do I do?

Once we have received payment, you will  receive your Authentication Keys.   We will need your Serial Number to generate your keys. The steps are straightforward.

  1. From the Main form press the Setup button (far right column located under Help Button)
  2. Go to the:  System Notepage.
  3. Press the button:  Email "Authentication" Information to BTI
  4. This will automatically open your email client and prepare the email with the required information.  The email will be sent to support@pihelper.com
  5. Send the Email.  Within 12-24 hours you should receive your Authentication Keys.

How do I enter the Authentication Keys?

Your Authentication Key will be two sets of four digits, ex.  5555 4444  they will be mailed to you after receiving payment.

Enter the Authentication Key as follows:

  1. From the Main form press the Setup button (far right column located under Help Button)
  2. Go to the System Notepage.
  3. Click the Left Authentication Key field and press Delete.
  4. Enter the first 4 digit number in the left field.
  5. Click the Right Authentication Key field and press Delete.
  6. Enter the second 4 digit number in the right field.
  7. You may have to exit and restart the program.

How Do I configure Windows XP to run PI Helper?

See Additional Note at the end of these instructions, if this doesn't resolve problem. 

  1. From the Task Bar press:   Start >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Program Compatibility Wizard.  This will open the Program Compatibility wizard dialog box.
  2. Press the Next button.    A set of selections will appear.
  3. Select the option:  "I want to choose from a list of programs."
  4. Press the Next button.   Windows will develop a list of programs to choose from.
  5. Use the Scroll bar on the right and locate PIHelper.   Click PI Helper once.
  6. Press the Next button.   A compatibility list will appear (previous modes)
  7. Select the option:  Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (Service Pack 5)
  8. Press the Next button.    A set of display settings will appear.
  9. Press the  Nextbutton.   (The Display Settings option is not relevant)
  10. At this point Windows will ask you to run PI Helper and verify that it operates correctly.
  11. Open PI Helper and test the various forms. Verify that the Print dialog box buttons appear correctly. (for instance, on the Cases form press the Print button and verify the buttons display correctly.)
  12. Move back to the Program Compatibility window and Select the option to make changes permanent.

Note: If these steps do not correct the problem then do the following:

  1. From the Task Bar press:   Start >> All Programs >> PIHelper   At this point do NOT start PI Helper.  Instead  "Right-Click" the icon and select:  Properties.
  2. Select the Compatibility Tab and basically follow steps  7-12 above.
  3. Also, if you have a Shortcut to PIHelper on your desktop repeat these steps for this shortcut.

When I go to print a report under Windows 2000 the buttons aren't visible. What do I do?

You will need to run the Windows 2000 Compatibility Tool. Follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Task Bar press:   Start >> Programs >> Windows 2000 Support Tools >> Tools >> Application Compatibility Tool

This will open the Application Compatibility dialog box.

(If you do not have the Windows 2000 Support Tools Installed then perform the steps in the next section.

  1. Press the Browse button to you locate PDXRWN32.EXE. Below is the default full path:
    C:\Program Files\Borland\Paradox Runtime\PDXRWN32.EXE
  2. Select the following boxes:

a) Windows NT 4 SP5 box.

b) The "Make the above check box settings permanent" box.

Below is the image of the settings:


    1. Press OK. Windows will open Paradox 7 Runtime. Press X to close Paradox 7 Runtime.
    2. Open PI Helper and the various forms.

How Do I Install the Windows 2000 Support Tools? 

  1. Startup your Windows 2000 Install CD.
  2. From the Opening Window Select:  "Browse this CD"  A explorer window will open. 
  3. In the right pane Double-Click the Support  Folder.  Another window will appear with the Tools folder.
  4. Double-Click the Tools Folder.   A window will appear with five files listed.  
  5. Double-Click the Setup.exe file to install the Support Tools.
  6. Follow the Install instructions.

PI Helper Technical Support:

General Support:

Help Function: We strongly recommend the use of the HELP function within the program. It has been setup for easy access. Each form within the program has an option of: "HELP >> On this form"   menu option. Additionally, press F1 from within anywhere in the program to access the Help function.

1st Time Users:  If you are a new user, then please read the Guide for 1st time Users.  If you have not yet done so, please print the instructions and use it as a checklist. (Once the Guide is opened, you can right-click the page and select print)

Compatibility Issues: If you are having problems running PI Helper under Windows XP or Windows 2000, please see solutions under , Support >> Frequently Asked Questions (on the left sidebar.)

Network Installation:  Look under Support >> Network Installation (on the left sidebar.)

Free Email Support:

Free Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email:  support@pihelper.com(There is a guaranteed response time of 48 hours. Most emails are answered the same day.) 

All emails should be clear and to the point. The following must be included in all technical support emails:

  • Your PI Helper serial number -- must be in the subject line of your email.

  • Your name, phone number, and current operating system (ex. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 in the body of your email.

With the purchase of PI Helper you will receive One Year of free updates from the PI Helper website. (Not including program interfacing)

You will receive Notification of all Program updates via email.

Version 5.4 Network Configuration Wizard:

When done, press   to return to Network Installation instructions.

This is the information from the Network Configuration Utility.  General Instructions for configuring PI Helper for Network Operation:

There are Four Steps to Configuring PI Helper for Network Operation. As you complete each Step, Press the Next Button at the bottom of this form.

Press Next to Start the Process.

STEP 1: Setting the Location of your PI Helper Data tables.

The default location of the PI Helper data tables is shown below:

C:\Program Files\PIHelper\PDATA

All Computers running PI Helper will be directed to access the same Data tables. Select a Computer to contain the PData folder. For networked systems, this is usually the fastest computer on the network.

Copy the PDATA folder to the desired Drive/Directory. An example is shown below (Where G: is a network drive):


Once you have placed the PData folder where desired, Press Next to launch the DBE Configuration Utility program. When it appears, you may wish to move it to the right side of the display so that this window is visible. As you complete each step, return to this Window and press Next for instructions.

STEP 2: Drivers Settings

  1. The first page to display should be the Drivers notepage. If it is not showing, then look for a tab called Drivers and click it.
  2. In the Driver Name scroll box on the left side, look for Paradox and click it once. The Parameters for Paradox will appear on the right.
  3. Click once in the Net Dir field. It will be highlighted.
  4. This is the directory location of the Paradox network control file, PDOXUSRS.NET.
  5. Click the small button at the right side of the field (it has 3 dots on it). This will bring up the Paradox Net File Dialog box. It is advised to click and locate the Directory that will contain your data tables. You can locate the Pdoxusers.net file there.
  6. Once you locate the desired Directory as shown in the "Look In" field, then in the Filename field at the bottom type in, Pdoxusers.net.
  7. Then, Press Open to set it.
  8. Now, Press Next below to Go To Step 3.

STEP 3: System Settings

  1. On the BDE Configuration Utility window, Click on the System notepage tab.
  2. For each Parameter shown below with the Yellow arrow do the following on the BDE Configuration form:
  3. Click the field and set the value as show to the right of the yellow arrow.
  4. When finished, Press the Next button below to Go To Step 4.


STEP 4: Alias Settings (Data tables

  1. On the BDE Configuration Utility window, Click on the Aliases notepage tab.
  2. In the Alias Name scroll box look for PIDATA and click it once.
  3. In the Parameters box on the right, Click on the PATH field and type the exact path to your Data tables. For instance, from our previous example, the path would be:
  4. When finished, Save and exit the BDE Configuration window as follows:
  5. From the top menu of the BDE Configuration Utility, Press File>> Save to save the changes made.
  6. Press File>> Exit to exit the Configuration Utility.
  7. Press Done below to Exit the Network Configuration Setup.

Press the    to return to Network Installation instructions.

System Requirements: Version 6.0 PI Helper_web

  • Any computer with one or more of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, IE9 and above.
  • Screen resolution for optimum viewing: 1440 x 900.
  • 512 MB RAM.


System Requirements: Version 5.8

  • Windows®:  2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • Pentium or Athlon processor , 800 mhz or faster
  • 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • 34 MB of hard disk space
  • SVGA monitor (800 x 600)
  • Mouse or compatible device

Version 5.8: New features

PI Helper Version 5.8 download

Please provide the following information below in order to proceed with the download of PI Helper Version 5.8